oilforfree.com (click to visit website) is a subsidy meter that counts the oil subsidy on an individual and at a national scale. On the top of the screen of the page displaying national level oil consumption, is the time in Caracas, showing the space where the piece is happening. The second line is the current date of the space. The third line shows the number of days since I started to track the oil consumption. The fourth line is the oil combustion in Venezuela on a national scale daily. The fifth line shows the subsidy rate per litre today, paid by the state. The sixth line shows the quantity of gasoline consumed since I started the subsidy meter. The seventh line shows the sum in USD that has been consumed since the start of the subsidy meter. The last line shows the oil consumption in USD per second. The circle at the bottom of the page when clicked takes the viewer to the page displaying individual level oil consumption.